Why Hungary?

The Hungarian capital is a very beautiful city across the river Danube visited by over 4 million tourists every year. The cost of living in Hungary is cheap and not very high compared to the other parts of Europe. Hungarian people are very kind and friendly, warmly welcoming all Foreigners. Hungary since its in southern Europe is mostly sunny and the coldest months are only Jan/Feb.

Hungary Residence Visa

The residence permit card issued by Hungarian authorities are valid on all schengen EU countries, which gives you full visa free travel freedom for your family and children. You can enter and exit any schegen country with the residence permit issued by Hungary. Certain EU countries dont even stamp your passport when you show them the residency card.

Hungary Passport

The Hungarian passport grants you full EU citizenship allowing you live and work anywhere in Europe. After 5-8 years of receiving your PR visa, you can apply for citizenship and passport in Hungary. The knowledge of Hungarian language is requirement. With Hungarian passport, you can travel to over 100 countries including UK, Canada, USA without applying for visa.